Download TextNow For PC Client to send and receive messages directly on your personal, school, or private Laptop or desktop. TextNow is a social messaging tool that allows you to make and receive phone calls and send messages directly from your Windows PC.



TextNow For PC Client has attracted a lot of users by offering amazing deals without any catch. Moreover, while using this application you can send unlimited free text messages to users living in the United States Of America and Canada.

If this is not enough for you then you can also add cash to the TextNow application. Using this cash you can purchase a package to send international messages or you can also purchase international minutes for making calls to uses who are not living in the USA or Canada.

This application is offering packages at very cheap rates. These packages are much more affordable than the packages and rates offered by modern telecommunication companies like At&t, Verizon, and others. Moreover, there are many applications named as TextNow and some of them are offered by the same developer.

That is why I have provided you guys with a download button. Using the download button given above you will be able to download the official TextNow PC Client. The file I have provides is in Appx format. To install the Appx file on your Windows platform you have to install App Installer from the Microsoft store.

Use the link given below to visit the Microsoft store. Once you are in the Microsoft store you Click on the Get button to get the App Installer tool on your PC. Once the tool is downloaded and installed, open the downloads folder and click on the TextNow Appx file to start the installation process of the TextNow application.

LINK: App Installer Tool For Appx Files.

Features Of TextNow For PC

TextNow For PC

Get Free Number

Using TextNow For PC, you can get a 10 digit number. This phone number will become your device number. Using this number you can make phone calls and send text messages. Moreover, this ten-digit number will be from Canada or United States.

Make Unlimited Free Calls

Make unlimited free calls to your friends and family living in the United States Of America or Canada. Using the phone number you received with this application. You can make free unlimited calls. Make sure you are calling the US or Canada number, otherwise you will be charged. However, the charged amount is very little.

Send Unlimited Free Messages

The TextNow For PC tool also allows you to send free text messages. Moreover, you can also send multimedia messages for free. The same limit applies, You can only send text and picture messages to your friends and family living in the US or Canada.

International Calling And Texting

If you want to call or message people living outside the US and Canada, then you have to add cash to your account. Using the money you have added to your account you can make calls at a very cheap rate. And also send messages at a minimal price.

Moreover, you can also earn money using this application. Simply complete any offer in the application to earn free cash for international calls and messages. Furthermore, the international calling and messaging rates offered by this application are very cheap and suitable for every person.


The interface of this application is very simple. All of the main features and functions of this application can be found on the left corner of the screen. Moreover, the main home screen of this application is divided into two panes. From the left side, you can access all of your contacts. And from the right side, you can compose a text and have a proper conversation just like you have on WhatsApp Web.

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