Download Thunder VPN APK to protect your network from online insecurities. This internet utility is developed for users who are tired of becoming a victim of cybercriminals activities and has finally decided to take one step forward to protect themselves. So if you are one of such users, try getting Thunder VPN for Android Latest Version.

Thunder VPN APK


A user can never be so sure when he’s going to be targeted by hackers. So it has become a necessity to access the services of a VPN while surfing the internet. While there are a bunch of virtual private networks over the internet, it’s always preferred to get an app that has good reviews and ratings

Thunder VPN APK lets users surf the internet privately and securely. Its basic plan is free, but if you wish to access all the proxy locations and remove ads from the app’s interface, then you get the premium plan for yourself. Else, it’s effective for users who want to surf the internet privately without having to perform any extra hassle.

Thunder VPN APK

Features of Thunder VPN APK

Easy to Configure

To secure your network, all you have to do is tap once on the connect button. Because the app doesn’t ask you to register by entering any of your personal info. And if you want a custom proxy connection, then you can just navigate into the available list to select a proxy location of your choice.

Bundles of Proxy Locations

Thunder VPN APK contains lots of proxy locations for users who like to connect with a proxy server of their choice. However, the available locations depend on your subscription. If you are a free user, then you can access a limited number of proxy servers. As if you have bought the premium services, the option of proxy servers becomes huge.

Thunder VPN for Android

Better Internet Speed

This virtual private network is not like any ordinary VPN that affects badly your internet speed. Because it connects you with a proxy server and helps you surf the internet with a fast internet speed. Even some of the proxy servers improve your internet speed allowing you to get the search results in a couple of seconds.

Unlimited Bandwidth

While using Thunder VPN APK, you don’t have to worry about keeping a record of your online bandwidth. Because the app doesn’t restrict you from downloading or live streaming media content. So basically, you can always keep yourself connected with the app while browsing the internet.

Thunder VPN App Download

Bypass Firewalls

If you are interested in visiting websites that are blocked by the local network authorities, then Thunder VPN has got your back. It ensures that your connection stays secure and you get to visit websites of your choice. Even you can get to unblock the social platforms that are restricted due to geographical restrictions.

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