Download Twixtor for PC to optimize the speed of your videos. This plugin provides the facility of adding slow-motion effects to your videos. Likewise, you can use it to extend the frame rates of your videos. You can easily use it on different video editors that are plugins supported. So it would be best to get Twixtor for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



Everyone wants to become a social media influencer. That’s why there’s a huge demand for media editing facilities that can be used for creating attractive content. But some people wish to claim perfection in their videos, that’s why now sources for various video editing plugins are available in the market.

Twixtor for PC is a third-party plugin that available to customize the speed/frame rate of videos. It’s supported by most of the famous video editors like Adobe After Effects. So if someone is using an expensive product for editing videos, he’ll never bother to buy a plugin for further convenience.

FAQs About Twixtor For PC?

Twixtor For PC

Q) Is Twixtor A Virus?

A) No, Twixtor can be trusted fully. There’s no such report of this plugin leaving any harmful effects on a user’s device. But if ever your Windows PC blocks it, you’ll be required to disable the firewall or third-party antivirus. Or if you are simply asked to permit to launch, confirm your system that it’s safe to use.

Q) How Do You Use Twixtor?

A) You need to install the Twixtor plugin inside the software folder. If you are After Effects C6, you need to copy and paste the plugin’s files inside it. Once the files are transferred, launch the After effects and install the plugin inside it. Thereafter, upload your desired video file and set its frame rates accordingly.

Q) How Much Does Twixtor Cost?

A) You can download Twixtor for PC without having to pay any real money. But the free version contains limited services as well as leaves a watermark on your creations. So if you wish to benefit from the full version, you’ll be required to pay $600. Else, you can also buy the standard version by paying $300.

Q) How To Make Twixtor Smooth?

A) For making Twixtor Anime Smoothly, you can add the adjustment layers for your benefit. And after selecting the layer, don’t forget to scale down the frame rates depending upon your needs. The scales are different for users who wish to speed up videos or slow them down for other’s amusement.

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