Download UltraSurf VPN For PC and unblock the internet with the press of a button. UltraSurf has also been announced as the world’s best performing tool by Harvard University. The basic motto of the creator of this VPN application is “Internet is the basic Human Right and it was designed to be a worldwide and free exchange of ideas, messages, and content”.

UltraSurf VPN


With the help of this tool, you can cross all of the boundaries of internet censorship. Access all of the imposed boundaries and restrictions added by any country. Visit any of the blocked websites in your country without any restriction. Moreover, Public WiFi hotspots are also protected so you can join any free WiFi with full security and privacy.

UltraSurf VPN hides your original IP address from the piercing eyes of hackers that are waiting for users to access the public WiFi. Moreover, this tool also protects your privacy with the help of strong encryption. All of your online chatting and web surfing history is also encrypted. No one will be able to track you or your online footprint and you can freely surf the internet.

UltraSurf VPN For PC

Access all of the censored information that you are looking for with the help of UltraSurf VPN For PC. Moreover, you can also download any content while using this VPN application. You can also download and use any application on your Windows device even if the application is geographically restricted to a single country. Furthermore, no restriction is avoided by this tool so the user will always have more access o the internet than anyone else.

Features of UltraSurf VPN For PC

Privacy, Security, And Freedom

UltraSurf VPN For PC is fighting against all of the countries that are applying strong censorship to the internet of their countries. Every day more websites are being freed for the users of this application. So you can freely surf the internet without any restriction and limitation.

UltraSurf VPN For PC


This tool fully encrypts the user network. So all of the data that you are transmitting from your device and all of the data that you are receiving is passing through a fully encrypted tunnel. This tunnel protects all of your data and private information from hackers.

IP Mask

This feature hides the IP address of the device that you are using. This is one of the basic features that is offered by this application to protect the user and all of the important data found on the device. IP Mask feature is built-in to the UltraSurf VPN For PC and whenever a user connects to the UltraSurf. This feature automatically activates its self.

Chrome Extension

Get access to the world’s best-performing VPN application directly on your Google Chrome browser. Just click on the “Add To Chrome” button and this amazing VPN application will be added to your web browser.

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