Download Viber APK to make free audio and video calls. This messenger is developed for users who want to be in a safe environment while connecting to others. Because it never lets you down, it never reveals your online identity. But if you want to enjoy the app’s services, you should get Viber for Android Latest Version.

Viber APK


International landline calls can be pretty expensive and not everyone can afford them. So if a user wants to connect with a person who’s far away, he can use the services of messenger apps. Because such applications don’t cost you more than you could afford. They only ask you to connect your device with an internet connection and you are good to go.

Viber APK helps you make tons of free calls. But the most fascinating thing about this app is its good quality calls. A user doesn’t face any interruption during calls. The quality of the audio and video remains good depending upon the speed of your internet connection. So if you compare it with other calling apps, then you’ll find this one quite compelling.

Viber APK

Features of Viber APK

Compatible OS

A user can use this messenger app on a device of his device. Because it is officially available for all the major platforms. And to be specific, it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. And a user is never asked to pay any real money to install it on a device of his choice.

Private Chats and Calls

While using Viber APK, there’s no chance a third-party user could interrupt in your chats. Because all of your chats and calls are encrypted step-by-step. So not even the developers of this app can view your private conversations. And if anyone tries to view them, they’ll only get codes that are impossible to decrypt.

Viber for Android

Secure Conversations

For users who want further security while chatting through this platform, they can start a secret chat. This way all of the received messages are deleted from the receiver’s end. So a user can send whatever he wants to, without having to worry about his online privacy or security.

Socialize with Viber

People who are willing to find people having the same interest, they can use Viber APK. Because there’s a bunch of profiles who share stuff for users who feel curious about some facts. Lots of professionals have posted their opinions for users who want to learn more about the topics they find interesting.

Viber App Download

Landline Calls

Viber does allow you to make landline calls. But for that, a user has to buy credits by paying real money. This way, he’s able to call people who are not on the same platform. Even you can use this app to make calls to the ones who don’t own a phone number. You can pay for such a plan monthly.

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