Free Video Cutter Joiner For PC is a video editing tool and also allows you to trim parts from a large video. This tool is mostly used by professional users to cut or trim extra material like commercials, trailers, bloopers, opening titles, and more. Moreover, this tool can support almost all famous or most commonly used video file formats.

Video Cutter Joiner


This tool is very easy to use because the developer has used a standard interface. This interface is simple and accommodates all of the basic features and functions on the main home screen of the Video Cutter Joiner app. This app also supports multiple languages and you can easily switch languages with just a single click.

Features Of Video Cutter Joiner For PC

Video Cutter Joiner for Windows is a video trimming tool with many amazing features and functions. This tool is professionally used for commercial level video trimming and editing. Remove unwanted parts of the video which interrupt the watcher and decrease the video watching experience.

Video Cutter Joiner For PC

Trim Videos

This tool is specifically designed for trimming large videos. With the help of this app, you can easily trim 100 MB video file in 10 seconds. Moreover, there are two different output options that you can select to manage and adjust the video file. This option includes a direct method and an indirect method.

Direct Method: This will save the side that you have just trimmed and you can easily transfer it to your device storage.

Indirect Method: This method allows you to manage and adjust the video file so you can edit it more. Using this method, you will get the option to change the video Frame Rate, Video Size, Video Quality, Audio Quality, and more.

Video Cutter Joiner For PC

Supports Multiple Formats

When you are editing a video, the main thing that you want is a powerful tool. Video Cutter Joiner For PC cuts and join multiple edited parts of a video skillfully. Moreover, this tool also allows you to join videos of different formats and the end-user will never notice any difference in the video.


Video Cutter Joiner For PC is a lightweight application for cutting, trimming, and joining different large videos and consumes very little time. Here are some of the formats which are supported by this tool MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, RM, RMVB, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, F4V, MKV, VOB, ASF, and much more.

Video Cutter Joiner For PC


This app is offering a built-in tutorial that you can use to preview all of the features and functions of this app. From there you can learn about every major and minor feature of the Video Cutter Joiner app.

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