Download VidTrim APK to customize media content with ease. Because this video editor is developed to benefit individuals who want their videos to look attractive and presentable. It supports many languages, so users from all around the globe can use it. So it would be best to get VidTrim for Android Latest Version.

VidTrim APK


Buying an expensive smartphone with a good camera isn’t a bad option. But no built-in camera app can satisfy the needs of all users, especially the social media influencers. That’s the reason why now users prefer using third-party video editors. So they can create media content with ease and according to their laws.

VidTrim APK is a media editing facility that takes you straight to the point of attention. The free version doesn’t contain lots of effects and services, but it does help you complete simple tasks like trimming, merging, etc with ease. As for the premium version, it contains special video effects as well as video compression.

VidTrim APK

VidTrim APK Features

Simple Video Tasks

In both the free & pro versions, simple media editing tasks are available. Users are allowed to trim their videos and take screenshots from videos. They can also select a frame rate and even share the edited videos directly on social media. The app works effectively for users who like to share videos on social platforms.

Video Compression

For users who want their edited videos to consume less storage, VidTrim APK can of assistance. It let users complete this task by converting the videos in MP4 format. And complete the progress without affecting the video quality. Individuals have the option of either resizing or compressing their videos.

VidTrim for Android

Add Music

This application also lets users set background music to their videos. People are allowed to upload the music tracks directly from their device’s storage. So to benefit from this facility, users are required to grant access to storage. Only by allowing the required permission, the app will be allowed to upload files.

Convert Videos to Mp3

Another good facility of VidTrim APK is converting videos to Mp3. Individuals can benefit from this service without performing any extra hassle. They just need to upload the video file and then tap once on the designated button. Thereafter, the audio file will be saved directly on their device’s storage.

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