Download VivaVideo APK to start editing your videos. This application is capable of providing a way to help you edit your desired videos with ease. But it’s always better to use VivaVideo APK Latest version because it helps you stay tuned with the new updates that help you become a geek in video editing.

VivaVideo APK


Video editing is only good as if you know what you are doing. You have to be a professional to complete your desired tasks while using a video editor or creator. But not with VivaVideo, because no matter if you are new to video editing, the app helps you complete your desired media editing tasks conveniently.

Yes, you don’t have to be a nerd to use it. Because some of the great video editing templates are added inside the app’s interface. You just have to pick the right effect, background music, or whatever you like to add to your media. Once you are done, just tap on the save button and do as you like with the saved file.

VivaVideo APK

VivaVideo APK Features

Bieng a video editor brings lots of responsibilities. And I think that VivaVideo is doing a fascinating job in completing the user’s requirements. It’s a fully-featured app that contains lots of beneficial characteristics. Some of the quite compelling, so I would like to talk about them with you.

Free Video Editor

Lots of premium video editors are available in the market. But most of them are very difficult to use. And the ones that are easy to understand, it may cost you a fortune to buy them. But VivaVideo tells a different tale. It’s one of the best free video editors for Android that you can use without any hassle.

It also contains premium services

Built-in Camera

To upload a video in VivaVideo, you’ve two options. But one of the convenient ways of creating videos is directly from the app’s built-in camera facility. You don’t have to annoy yourself by using your device’s camera, just to create a video. Because now you can do it by staying in the app’s interface.

VivaVideo App Download

Background Music

To create an attractive video, you are always required to add marvelous music to it. For that, you can use the app’s music library to discover the appropriate soundtracks for your videos. And once you have added them, you can customizations like managing the volume or even adding your own sound.

Special Effects

What’s the point of editing a video, if you are unable to special effects to it. That’s why VivaVideo is allowing its consumers to add special filters & art frames to their videos. Even they can add texts like their names or quotes to videos. This facility works even great for users who want to make memes on Android.

VivaVideo for Android

Sharing on Social Media

When you are totally satisfied with your creation, then you are definitely gonna want to save it. Once you’ve saved the changes, you are allowed to share it on social platforms of your choice. And you don’t have to navigate to your device’s gallery or storage to get this job done, because it can be done directly from the app’s interface.


Q#1: Is VivaVideo Safe?

Ans: No security threats are encountered while using VivaVideo. I know that most people question their privacy while using this app because it asks permission to access device’s gallery. But it’s only to help the app upload/save files. Else, you don’t need to worry about any security/privacy threats at all.

Q#2: Does VivaVideo Cost Money?

Ans: VivaVideo is a freemium app. Meaning, it contains both free & premium services. Mainly the difference is that the free version contains some online advertisements. And if you are like to be interrupted by such interruptions, then you can buy the premium version by paying a small amount of real money. Some other VIP services are listed below:

  • HD Export
  • No Watermark
  • Music Extraction

Q#3: What Social Platforms are Supported by VivaVideo?

Ans: All the famous social portals are supported by VivaVideo. But in my experience, this platform is mostly preferred by users who like to share videos on platforms like Youtube & Facebook Watch. Especially when you are vlogger, you would want a companion to help you edit your videos with ease.

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