Download VLC APK to enjoy media content on your handheld devices. This media player is designed for users who want to watch videos with an accessive amount of services. And what’s more important is that the app’s developed to work with even slow processing devices. So all of us can benefit from VLC for Android Latest Version.



The default media players are no longer preferred by Android devices. Because all of them are developed by smartphone manufacturers who want to promote their products. So getting a third-party media player is always a choice of users who want to manage and enjoy the saved media content with ease.

VLC APK is a media player developed for the benefit of Android smartphone owners. The app’s famous because of its simple interface that’s easy to use. And now users can start using its services without paying any real money. Even they are not bothered by any online promotions or advertisements.


Features of VLC APK

Supported Formats

One of the beauties of using this media player is that it supports all kinds of media file formats. Users can use it to watch videos and listen to audio tracks. Even if they want to add subtitles to a movie or season, they can just upload any subtitle file inside the player while playing a video.

Watch Ongoing Downloads

In case you are downloading media files and you want to watch them before they are completely downloaded, you can just preview them using VLC APK. But if you are using torrent downloaders, then you’ll have to open such files from your device’s file manager or media gallery.

VLC for Android

Use it for Live Streaming

If you are tired of using the in-browser media players, then you can also use this app to watch videos online. You just have to give it the permission to access your web browsers. So it can allow you to bypass a website’s browser in order to watch the videos always on this one.

On-Screen Shortcuts

For a user’s convenience, users can use the on-screen gestures while watching videos. For instance, they can use the forward or backup swipe to reverse or forward a video. Swipe up or down to control the volume bar. Other gestures like contrast and brightness are also added for your ease.

VLC App Download

Sound Customizations

Anyone should prefer using VLC APK because it also comes with a sound equalizer and bass controller. But this feature is mostly preferred by users who connect their handheld devices with home theaters or use apps like Android Auto while driving to a long-distance destination.

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