VLC Media Player is one of the most popular Media players on the internet. This application offers multiple platforms for playing almost all media formats (Audio and Video) without the need to download additional codecs. You can also stream directly from Youtube or Netflix even your webcam videos by using this application. VLC Media Player For Mac also allows you to decode or encode video/audio with the help of an audio core. Moreover, most of the public is using this application as a Media Player. However, there are many advanced features of this application that you can use to enhance your viewing experience and editing tools that you can use to adjust various file properties.

VLC Media Player


Features of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player For Mac


This application offers a simple and clean interface. However, this interface feels very unwelcoming. Accessing all of the basic features of this application is easy for new users but to use advanced features it may take you some time to learn about them. From the home of the application, you will see that it is divided into 30 by 70 ratio. On the left side of the screen, you can search for all media files. On the right side of the screen “Which is the major part of the screen” this part of the screen is used for drag-n-dropping files for media playback.

Playback Formats

Many of the files that we download on our Mac OS device are not compatible with the Mac OS platform. For that, we always have to use the file converter to change the file format to use the file. This file may be a video file or an audio file. For that VLC Media Player allows you to play media in a variety of playback formats. Using this application you don’t have to convert any file VLC will support all of the files for you can easily watch or listen to the content of the file.

VLC Media Player


Many useful tools are offered by this application. You can access the tools by clicking on the tools option on the top bar. In this bar, you will find the Effects and Filters option, Format Converter, Color changer, Watch options, overlay, Watermarks, and many more. Start using this application to learn more about the amazing tools and features of this application. More features will take some time to understand. However, once you understand the working of this application you will never regret it and will use this application for life.

Free Tool

VLC is a free tool that offers all of its features for free. Using this media player you can also recover corrupted data files and complete all of the uncompleted downloaded media files. You can also use the tool of this application to enhance the watching experience.

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