Get Waterfox For PC and start using a high-performing web browser to surf the internet and to access content quickly and reliably. Waterfox browser is an open-source browser and is using the source code of Mozilla Firefox. This source code was taken and was completely transformed to be used only on a 64-bit Windows system.



Expected Achievements

To make this web browser stand out in front of all of the competition, the developers have performed many customizations and optimizations so that Waterfox Browser For PC can perform better, faster, and more efficiently than any other web browser currently available on the internet.

Moreover, there is a second version of Waterfox For PC which is known as Waterfox Classic For PC. However, currently, we are not talking about the Waterfox Classic so let’s put this on the side. The Aim of Waterfox browses is to become the latest and the greatest web browse of all time.

Waterfox For PC

Unique Features

That is why the developer of this browser has added a unique feature that is not common in web browsers. This browser allows you to access all of the web extensions directly from the extension store. Moreover, some of the bootstrap extensions are also supported. The developers are also working day and night to add more and more bootstrap extensions and other stuff to the browser.

There are many unique features and functions, speed, and performance of Waterfox For PC, that you will love. Waterfox is a new and free web browser that protects your personal information and data. Moreover, many users think that the data is being sold, so that is a misconception and the Waterfox browser claims that they don’t even collect any data.

Features Of Waterfox For PC

Waterfox For PC


The performance of this browser is amazing and you can easily complete your work in much less time. This means that the tabs will open faster, the web page will load faster and the items you are downloading will download at a much faster pace. Moreover, this is a lightweight browser so it does not consume much power if compared with other browsers. So this can result in increased productivity.

Extra Privacy

This browser is offering many private browsing features that you will love. This browser can automatically restrict any trackers and ads. Moreover, this browser does not allow any third-party trackers or ads to collect data without permission. Moreover, the Waterfox browser does not sell your collected data because this browser does not collect any data.

Waterfox For PC

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the Waterfox browser for PC.

  • Use any web extension or add-ons with this web browser.
  • Classic add-ons and other extensions are currently being added.
  • Personalize your web browser according to your likings, themes, and other stuff that can easily be edited.
  • Surf the internet quickly and increase productivity.
  • Sync all of your data with other devices with just a single click.
  • View opened tabs on any device, this comes in handy when you are traveling while working.
  • This is a lightweight browser with smooth performance.
  • “Balanced memory usage” for the best performance of the browser.
  • Add bookmarks and quickly access them.
  • Organize your download data and bookmarks easily.
  • Built-in ads blocker and tracker remover.
  • Gain extra protection in incognito mode.
  • This browser does not collect any data from your browser.
  • Feel free to save your passwords in the secure password manager.

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