Whale Browser for Windows is another browser application added to our Browsers for PC collection. We try our best to bring the best browsers to our viewers which unfortunately buried under the charm of Mozilla, Safari, and Chrome. Browsers are an important part of our devices either smartphones or Laptops. When we need to search anything we need a browser obviously and without a good browser, your browsing experience can’t be good.

Whale Browser


Why Whale Browser for Windows?

Whale Browser for Windows is developed by a top-line technology company. Their Product Whale Browser is really appreciated by the Tech community. It is a customized web browser that performs quick surfing, loading, switching to tabs. All these basic functions with the data saving too and cost you nothing. So, there is no apparent allegation which stops you from installing and using Whale Browser for Windows.

Whale Browser for Windows

Some useful offers of this browser are countdown timer, calculator, media player, and other through sidebar seamlessly accessible.

2 Tabs 1 View:

I didn’t witnessed this feature in any other browser yet. You can switch to tabs as much as you opened but no browser have given you the option of visiting 2 tabs simultaneously. The Whale browser enables you to view two web pages simultaneously through an exclusive tab. Maybe in some other browser, you can find this feature, I didn’t watch one.


If you are not involved in online business or work then surely you will hate the ads. In other browsers, we have to download a separate app or add-on for blocking the ads. But Opera and Whale Browser are the ones that let you block the ads directly. They offered a built-in one tap plugin, that lets you enable and disable ads.


This tool is highly popular and recommended by many top technology blogs. You can download Whale Browser for PC, Windows, and macOS through this tutorial. Whale Browser for Windows supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina. Also check, what are the key features of the Whale Browser and how it treats our system, read above.