For what its worth, you can use WhatsApp messenger to connect with people from around the globe. That’s why I’ve drafted an article that provides a safe file of WhatsApp APK. So you can start using the app’s services to chat with your contacts. And if I’m being honest, downloading WhatsApp for Android Latest Version serves you best.

WhatsApp APK


You can never get a good messenger app that has the power to compete with WhatsApp messenger. Even some of the smartphone users have started to ignore their default messaging apps just because they are in love with this app. However, using this messenger have its perks, that I would like to share in this article.

WhatsApp APK is a messenger app that’s designed for communication purposes. And now that Facebook Inc owns this product, you’ll never have to face any server issues. A simple interface is provided to you, from where you are allowed to complete the tasks without any hassle.

WhatsApp APK

Features of WhatsApp APK

It’s obvious that if you are an app, several facilities are added to it. And because the app is free-to-use, millions of users would like to get familiar with them. So in the following part of my article, I would be glad to share the services that I loved about WhatsApp APK while using it on my smartphone.


A good thing about this messenger is that you are allowed to use it on a platform of your choice. It’s officially available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. But if you are trying to use it on a different platform like Linux OS, then you can either use the WhatsApp web version of your browser or use a third-party utility like WhatsDesk.

Free Audio & Video Calling

WhatsApp APK can be used to make free audio and video calls. And there’s no limit of call durations, so you can have a nice video chat with your contacts for as long as you want to. You can simply do this job by calling directly from WhatsApp. Click on the phone button for an audio call or recorder button to make a video call.

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp Group Chats

A user is allowed to create or join a group. But there’s a limit of members in a specific group. A group cannot contain more than 257 users. And it’s kind of a good thing that there’s a limit. Becasue if there wasn’t any limit, then a single group would become so crowded that everybody would feel annoyed by every single message.

Always Signed In

You don’t have to login every time you launch WhatsApp. A user is required to log in for the first he launches the app on his device. Afterward, WhatsApp is capable of staying online, even if you close it. That’s a lot beneficial for users who never want to miss any notification about important messages/calls.

WhatsApp App Download

Supported Network

A user is allowed to use the app when his device is connected with the internet. No matter if his device is connected to Edge/2G/3G/4G/WiFi, the app will not be problematic on any data carrier. However, if you are trying to send/receive media files or trying to make video calls, then a healthy internet connection will be good for you.

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