Download Yahoo Mail APK to manage several email accounts. Because this application never restricts any email accounts and you are allowed to handle all your accounts under one roof. You can use Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and other email IDs through this app. So it would be best to get Yahoo Mail for Android Latest Version.

Yahoo Mail APK


Especially professionals don’t like any dull interface and always wish to find means to increase productivity. And every pro user has multiple email IDs that he uses to contact others. So besides using individual apps, many users prefer to use a singular app that supports multiple emailing platforms.

Yahoo Mail APK is an email management app that free to use. This app contains a simple interface that runs smoothly on handheld devices. Users can benefit from it in several ways. They can receive and send emails without performing any extra hassle. And they can follow or unfollow a subscription anytime they want to.

Yahoo Mail APK

Yahoo Mail APK Features

View Received Files

If you get any attachments via emails, you are allowed to view them directly from this app’s interface. And yes, you can view the received attachments without having to save the files on your device’s storage. So you never have to worry about saving insecure while viewing a file received via email.

Nearby Deals

If you allow Yahoo Mail APK to access your current location, you can acknowledge places that with sales and deals. You can select the category of groceries that you wish to buy for the moment. And get full details about the deals and the list of things that you could from your nearby stores.

Yahoo Mail for Android

Email Selection

Users are allowed to select which kinds of emails they would like to receive in the future. Even if they don’t want to receive from a specific recipient, block him at any instant. Likewise, select which user’s emails you need to prioritize, so you can immediately respond to the prioritized emails.

Yahoo Mail Pro APK

No denying that there’s Yahoo Mail Pro APK. The VIP version contains no online advertisements and promotions. So if a user wants to benefit from an ad-free interface, he needs to pay for premium services. There’s a monthly plan that costs $0.99 and the yearly plan costs $9.99.

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