Download Yawcam for PC to record videos with ease. Because this freeware is designed to help you record videos using your device’s webcam. You can use it as a webcam and surveillance cam. Thanks to motion detection available inside the application, you can use it to secure your households from burglars. So it would be best to install Yawcam for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



It’s not very easy to capture moments from the webcam of your PC. You need to use an application to record, view, share, or live broadcast your videos. And the built-in application isn’t just enough for that cause. Because you can’t access all the good facilities from an application that is installed by default on your Windows computer.

Yawcam for PC is developed to help users make the most out of their webcams. The main purpose of this application is to allow users to go live without having to face any complications. But you can also use it as a live video monitoring tool to check out the activities done near your computer.

FAQs About Yawcam for PC

Yawcam for PC

Is Yawcam Safe?

Yes, Yawcam’s totally safe to use and you can use it to broadcast your private streams as well. And if you are using the application as a surveillance tool, you can trust it to watch live feeds of suspicious activities. Likewise, this software doesn’t harm your device and affects your internet bandwidth badly.

Does Yawcam Contain Watermark?

You’ll be glad to acknowledge that Yawcam for PC doesn’t leave any watermark on your recorded videos. No matter if you have recorded a moment to broadcast or from a spy camera feed, there’ll be no watermark on it. Even when you go live for broadcasting, your audience couldn’t figure out which software you are using.

How To Use My Laptop As A Spy Camera?

You can use programs like Yawcam to use your laptop as a spy camera. Just install the program on your device and use it to launch the webcam in the background. Now don’t close your laptop’s lid while the camera is running. Even if it goes to sleep, only you’ll know the camera is still running.

How Do You Record On Yawcam?

Users can use Yawcam for Windows to record videos or capture moments through motion detection. And if they want to customize video recording facilities, navigate to the Settings → Edit Settings. Now simply navigate to the left pane and click on Output → File to choose the quality of media.

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