Download YouTube APK to live stream a huge amount of videos on your handheld devices. Because this live streaming application is the product of a tech giant named Google LLC. So you’ll face any interruptions or lags while benefiting from its services on a smartphone. But it would be best to get YouTube for Android Latest Version.

YouTube APK


YouTube is a platform that needs no introduction. People come to visit this portal to live stream videos that are posted by other profilers. Every genre of videos are available in it, even a person can’t watch all the videos in his lifetime. However, you never get bored with this portal, because it contains every piece of information you want from the internet.

YouTube APK is a live streaming app that’s developed for the benefit of smartphone owners. Individuals are allowed to use this app according to their interest in live streaming. They can watch the videos and follow the profiles for instant access to their desired videos. And all services are available for free.

YouTube APK

Features of YouTube APK

Home Screen Recommendations

Every time you launch the app, you get recommendations for videos related to your interests. And if you are launching it for the first time, either you get recommended videos depending upon your location or the ones that are famous around the globe. In both situations, you’ll find the app very helpful in locating interesting content.

Video Sharing

It’s easy to share videos from YouTube APK. Users can share the media on their desired platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok. Even they have the choice of sharing the video links to others. Likewise, if a user wants to add videos to his presentations or blogs, he can benefit from embedding the videos from YouTube.

YouTube for Android

Media Uploading

Every YouTube account holder is allowed to upload videos. And no charges are implied on creating an account, that’s the main reason why there’s a huge variety of videos on this platform. And one interesting fact is that every uploader has the chance of earning real money depending upon the number of their viewers.


One of the biggest advantages of using YouTube is that it’s available for almost every major platform. Users of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox, PS can benefit from it. And for operating systems like Linux or Ubuntu, users also have the option of accessing the platform on the web.

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