Do you want to download Youtube Videos on Laptop then download YouTube Downloader for Windows 10. YouTube is not a needy of introduction. Every internet user knows about Youtube and there is no second thought about it. Just for formality, we are explaining a bit about Youtube.

YouTube Downloader


It is the platform where people upload and share their videos for earning or for fond. It is owned by Google Inc. What luck and what a fortune, the 2 most visited platforms in the world are owned by one label. We brought some interesting facts like Youtube is the biggest Videos host in the world.

Interesting Facts

Largest Database

  • It is also the largest database ever developed in the world. Even bigger than NASA.

Data per day

  • Approximately every year 70-80 petabytes of data are uploaded on Youtube.

Total Hours on Youtube

  • To watch all videos on YouTube without skipping, a person needs around 60,000 years.

Videos Uploaded per minute

  • Approximately 400 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube every minute.

More data than Supercomputers

  • Youtube Produces 4 times more data than NCA’s Super Computer every day.

YouTube Downloader for Windows

YouTube is not just a video sharing platform it is the source of income for millions of people. That’s why YouTube didn’t give the video downloading option for YouTube users and viewers. So that, people visit again and again YouTube and the content creators can earn more and more. We are also not in favor of downloading videos from YouTube. Your single view matters a lot for the content creator. Then, there are some users who don’t have enough internet or don’t have WiFi.

YouTube Downloader for Windows

YouTube MBs consumption cost users a lot. Also, the YouTube Save Offline feature is applicable to very limited videos. In such cases, the only option for the users is to download their favorite videos, either music videos or others. How they can download videos from YouTube. It is simple and easy just with the help of Youtube Downloader for Windows.