Download YouTube Vanced APK to enjoy live streaming by your laws. Because this live streaming app is developed to enhance your experience while watching videos on YouTube. It contains lots-n-lots of customizations that are not available inside the official interface. But it would be best to get YouTube Vanced for Android Latest Version.

YouTube Vanced APK


It seems like every smartphone user is getting bored by the built-in facilities. That’s why they are looking to find ways to enhance their ability to enjoy every part of their handheld devices. And for that, many users start using third-party apps that don’t cost anyone a penny.

YouTube Vanced APK lets users watch videos online. Its interface is what compels users to keep taking advantage of it. And it doesn’t force a user to pay any real money, in fact, it doesn’t even contain online advertisements. So there’s no harm in benefiting from an app that’s developed for the sake of live streaming fans.

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK Features

Enjoy Music in Background

This application is famous because it allows users to enjoy music videos while performing other tasks on their smartphones. There’s no need to close the app or minimize it, just start performing your desired operations while listening to music. And now the developers have also added the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Media Player Tweaks

Individuals can enjoy tons of functionalities while using YouTube Vanced APK. Especially, when they are watching videos online. Because the app’s media player is quite fascinating and different from the other live-streaming apps. Users can set their songs to repeat, optimize resolutions, and watch HDR videos whenever they want to.

YouTube Vanced for Android

Cast Videos

Users can also use this app to cast their desired videos on a different device. They can either cast the videos on a smart Tv or another smartphone. And yes, if they are ok with using Android emulators, then benefit from the same app’s services on their PC. But to cast a video, you need to ensure that the other device also has access to this app.

Appearance Customizations

By any chance, if a user gets tired by watching the same interface of YouTube Vanced APK, he can also select a different app theme. Such options are available inside the app’s settings and users can tweak them without having to root their device. Furthermore, lots of other customizations can be handled through the app’s settings.

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