To use WhatsApp with your own laws, you can Download YoWhatsapp APK. This application is developed for users who don’t want to use a messenger app that has lots of restrictions. So if you want to add some elite services in your favorite messenger app, then you need to get YoWhatsapp for Android Latest Version from the provided link.

YoWhatsapp APK


Using a messenger app helps you communicate with others around the globe. But the problem with a messenger app is that you can only contact people who are accessing similar services as you are. Else, you are not allowed to even locate or add them to your contacts list.

That’s the main reason why people prefer using WhatsApp as a communication source. Matter of fact, its the only messaging platform with no-ads that has more than a Billion installs just from the Google Play Store. But now users are tired of using the same services, and they are looking for something new in the market.

YoWhatsapp APK

Features of YoWhatsapp APK

YoWhatsapp was first developed by Yousaf and the app’s first name was YoWa. But then, permissions were granted for further developments. So after some time, Fouad Mokdad delivered full-n-final production of the app. Its versions still hit the market from time-to-time. But in every version, the developers add some good features & remove the reported bugs.

YoWhatsapp is free-to-use.

Customization at its best

With YoWhatsapp, a user is allowed to make tons of changes in the app’s interface. For instance, you can change the theme of your messenger. Lots of colorful themes can be selected from the theme’s gallery. And you can also add a photo as your profile photo. For that, you’ll be required to upload a photo from your device’s gallery.

Secure & Private

While having a conversation with other users, there’s no need to have any privacy concerns. Because now in the latest version of YoWhatsapp APK, all of your chats are encrypted step-by-step. Even a developer can’t access your private data, because, for that, he’ll need to extract the data from the database and then decrypt it. And no third-party user gets to use your account activities as well.

YoWhatsapp for Android

Sharing Beyond Limits

There’s no restriction on forwarding or sending media content. You are allowed to send as many files you want to and even send a file consuming more than 1 GB. But a good thing is that you can send several files with different formats at the same time. The app doesn’t bother you at all and get the job done instantly.

No Group Restrictions

In the official WhatsApp messenger, there’s a restriction on creating a group with 256 members. But while using YoWhatsapp, you can add more than six hundred users. Create a chat room and start having a conversation with them without any hassle. Only the group members will be able to read such messages.

Block Thugs

By any chance, if anyone’s bothering you while using YoWhatsapp, you can block them easily. This application helps you block a person directly from the app’s interface. There’s no need to contact your ISP or network authorities, just allow the app to complete the task. You can do that by opening a chat and then tapping once on the three-dotted icon. Now hit the Block link to complete the job.

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