Download Zenmap for PC to monetize your network for any vulnerabilities. This open-source program is designed for users who like to acknowledge the activities done on a shared network. It’s best for port scanning, so users can get full details about the connected devices. So you should install Zenmap for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



If you are an admin of a network shared through a computer, you would never want intruders to sneak a peek. Especially, when you are using that computer to control the activities of your employees. You can’t monitor the activities of each employee unless you are using a network security scanner.

Zenmap for PC helps you acknowledge the activities of people who are connected to your network. You can use it to see what others are doing while connected to your Wi-Fi. It gives righteous details about network vulnerabilities and what you can do to bypass such insecurities.

FAQs About Zenmap For PC

Zenmap For PC

Q) Is Zenmap Free?

A) Zenmap is designed for users who are interested in benefiting from Nmap Security with ease. So the program is kept open-source and free, it’s also available for all the major PC platforms. So every PC consumer can benefit from it without having to register or subscribe.

Q) What Is The Main Use Of Zenmap?

A) Users can benefit from Zenmap for PC in several ways. But main functionality of this software is to help individuals secure their network from online vulnerabilities. Especially while performing any confidential activities, protect their network from hackers and intruders.

Q) What Is Port 443?

A) The purpose of Port 443 is to help users perform online activities privately. It supports HTTPS and TCP, so you can use such protocols to perform any confidential activities. Because then, no third-party user will be allowed to intercept with your network and your system also stays protected from trojans.

Q) Is Network Scanning Illegal?

A) It depends on how you are using the network scanner. If you own the network, there’s nothing wrong with using apps like Zenmap for Windows to complete the task. But if you don’t own a network and don’t have administrative privileges, you are allowed to scan a network unless you are asked by the admin.

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